Login & Registration Form in HTML CSS & JavaScript

Creating a login and registration form is a common task for developers, as it is a fundamental aspect of many web applications. As a developer, learning to create these forms can help you become more proficient in developing & designing.

A login form is a type of form that allows users to enter their credentials (such as a username and password) to gain access to a protected area of a website or application. A registration form, also known as a sign-up form, is a type of form that allows users to create an account on a website or application.

Today in this blog you will learn how to create a responsive Login & Registration Form in HTML CSS & JavaScript. The blog will cover everything from the basics of creating a Login & Registration in HTML, to styling it with CSS and adding with JavaScript. Recently I have provided a blog on Button Click Animation, I hope you will find this blog helpful as well.


Video Tutorial of Login & Registration Form

If you would like to create this Login & Registration From step by step, the complete video demonstration of the demo is provided below. In this video tutorial, you will. Alternatively, you may continue reading this written guide on the same topic.

Steps to Create Login & Registration Form 

We will create this Login & Registration Form in two steps:
  • File Structure of the Project
  • Creating Login & Registration From

1. File Structure of the Project

To build this Login & Registration Form, we'll be using two separate files - index.html and style.css. These files will contain the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code respectively needed to bring the Login & Registration Form. Let's get started by setting up these files and adding the basic code.

Once you have made these files, you can proceed to the next step of creating your Button Click Animation.

2. Creating Button Click Animation

In the second step, we will design the user interface for our Login & Registration Form and style it using HTML and CSS. Once the user interface is complete, we will use JavaScript to animate these two forms on click.

In the index.html file, add the following HTML and JavaScript code to create the basic structure of the animated button



In the style.css file, add the following CSS code to add styles and make the button and its bubbles. If you want, you can change the color, background, font, and size of the button in this code.


Conclusions and Final Words

By following the steps you have successfully created a Login & Registration Form. There are lots of Login and Signup Forms you can find on this website to enhance your skills in creating forms.

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