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Hello all of you, welcome to my other blog of Responsive Side Navigation Bar. Today in this blog will learn how to create a Responsive Sidebar Menu using HTML CSS and Javascript. I have been designing and writing several video tutorials and articles related to Responsive Navigation Menu using  HTML and CSS, but today, we will also add JavaScript code.

A sidebar is the combination of various navigation links that align on the web page's right or left side and helps to faster move from one web page to another to the users. The main purpose to create a sidebar is for small sizes screen devices like tablets, mobile.

There is only one difference between the side navigation bar and the navigation bar is, the navigation bar is a large screen size device like a laptop, computer, and side navigation from small sizes devices. Actually, we convert the navigation menu to the side navigation menu.

I have uploaded one image of the side navbar design that we are going to create. We can include or add various navigation links, logos,s and social media icons inside the sidebar. To make the sidebar fixed while scrolling we just add the following codes:
  • position: fixed;
  • left or right: 0px; (where you want to keep)
  • top: 0px;
  • height: 100vh;
  • width: as your need for example: 250px;

To see the real demo of this animated dashboard side navbar and all the code that I have used to create this type of sidebar, you need to watch the full video tutorial of this programming that I have given below. 

Side Navigation Bar in HTML CSS & JS | Video Tutorial

Before jumping into the source code of this program [Side Navigation Bar in HTML CSS & JavaScript], let's talk about some important topics of our sidebar menu.

As you have seen on the given tutorial of this dashboard sidebar menu. At first, it is in closed form, and we can only see the logo icon, navigation link's icon, and logout icon, but when I hovered that the navigation logo icon small tooltip appears smoothly at the right side of that icon which helps the user to identify the name of that nav links. 

When I opened the sidebar the tooltip disappears and the nav the links' background color appears, we can also see the logo name and profile image. Have you noticed we can open this sidebar by clicking on the toggle button and search icon?

This is the piece of cake for those who have basic knowledge of HTML CSS & JavaScript but for those friends who are feeling difficult to create this side navigation, I have provided free source code files below. 

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Responsive Side Navigation Bar | Source Code

I have provided all source code files of this program [Side Navigation Bar in HTML CSS & JavaScript], To copy-paste, the given codes of the are sidebar menu, you need to create two files: the HTML file and the CSS file. After creating these two files, you can copy-paste the given codes in your document. You can also download all source code files from the given download button. 



JavaScript CODE:


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