Tab Design using HTML & CSS

How do I create a tab in HTML and CSS?
A: After reading and watching the following article and videos, you will definitely able to create a tab in HTML and CSS.

Hello, Guys welcome to my new blog on tab design, today I will create tabs by using HTML & CSS. There are several tutorials on the internet about tab design by using JavaScript but now I,m going to create tabs with the help of HTML & CSS only. I have already created various designs that are important for the website and this tab design is also an essential part of the website.

What is Tab in a Website?
In simple form, a tab is the combination of various hyperlinks that contain a different section of an article or other contents as per their topic. Tabs helps to reduce space on the webpage and it makes it easy to use for a quick movement from one tab to another.

I have given the image of the tab that we are building today. As you can see on the image there are five topics that contain different sections as per their topic. There is on blue indicator inside the help tab and we can see the help content of that tab. I have created this tab design by using HTML and CSS without using javascript.

To see the real animation of this vertical tab design, how it works, and all the code that I have used to make this tab, you can watch the video tutorial that I have provided below.

How To Create Tab Design using HTML & CSS | Video Tutorial

As you have seen in the video tutorial of this vertical tab design when I clicked on every tab different-different section appears according to the tab. When I clicked on those tab blue indicator also moves to the tab. I have also added a hover effect on those topics. To active all the sections for every tab, I have used the HTML radio button.

If you are familiar with HTML & CSS then you can easily make this tab, those friends who are feeling difficult to create this vertical tab design, they can take all source code of this design from below.

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Create Tab Design using HTML & CSS | Free Source Code 

To copy-paste the given code of this vertical tab design, first you need to create two files one is an HTML file and another is the CSS file. After creating these two files then you can copy-paste all the given codes in your document. You can also download all source code from the given download button directly.

How do I create a tab in HTML?
Create an HTML file in your compute with the name of index.html and copy-paste the following HTML code of tab design in your document.


How do I create a tab in CSS?
Create a CSS file with the name of style.css and copy-paste the following CSS code of Tab design in your document.


You can also directly download all source code files of this Tab Design by clicking on the following download button.


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