Create A Website in HTML & CSS Only

Hello, friends today in this blog I will teach you how to Create A Website in HTML and CSS Only. Earlier I have shared a blog about How to Create an E-Commerce Product Card and now I'm going to create a simple website.

A website is a combination of several webpages of codes, and hyperlinks,  and designs. There are various types of websites like E-commerce website, Portfolio website, Magazine, or Social Media Website actually blog is also a website. The website can be used for educational or marketing and other purposes. Websites have not limited boundaries.

As you can see in the given image there is a simple website layout design. In summary, there is one full-size image. A logo is placed on the left top side and on the right side there are some hyperlinks and in the center, there are some text and two buttons. When you hover the hyperlinks of the top right side and that center button a white background will appear with a transition that looks quite amazing and button text and hyperlinks text also changed into black. 

If you are feeling difficulty with what I'm saying then you can watch the full video tutorial of this program [Create A Website Design], which I have given below.

Video Tutorial of Create A Website in HTML & CSS only

As you have seen in this tutorial [Website Desing], first there is a full-screen size image. On the top left side there is a logo of my youtube channel as a CodingLab, On the right top side there are some hyperlinks with hover animation, and in the center, there is two-button with hover animation. As you have seen when that hyperlinks and buttons are covered white background appears with little animation, hyperlinks, and button text color changed into black.

If you have general knowledge about HTML & CSS then you can easily create this Website Design or if you have knowledge about JavaScript then you can add other functions as per your need. For those friends who are feeling difficulty to create this program, I will provide full source code files of this program[Create A Website in HTML & CSS Only]. 

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Design A Website [Source Codes]

To copy-paste the given codes, first of all, you need to create two files, one is an HTML file and another is a CSS file after creating these two files you can easily copy-paste the given codes in your files. You can also directly download the source code file from the given download button.



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