Animated Login Form using HTML CSS

Q: How can we create a simple login page using HTML and CSS?
A: After reading and watching the following article and video tutorial, you will definitely know how to create a login form using HTML and CSS.
Hello, Readers Today in this blog I'm going to create an Animated Login Form by using HTML & CSS only. In my earlier blog, I have Shared How to create a Responsive Footer Section for Webpages, now it's time to design a login form.

What is a Login Form? 
In simple language, a login form is a form where users need to enter his/ her email and password to enter a particular webpage. We can take the example of Instagram. In Instagram when we are going to enter our Instagram, first of all, we need to enter our email address and password, that form is called the login form. There are various designs of login form but its main work is the same.

What should a login page have?
There are lots of things that we can add to the login form, some of the important points I have given below:
  • Username field.
  • Email field.
  • Phone number field.
  • Password field.
  • Forgot the password link.
  • Submit button.
  • Show password/hide option.
  • Alternative login options (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail)

As you can take a look at the image of a login form which I have given on the webpage. is also a login form. Today we will build this login from in this program. As you can see, I already have filled in my email and password in this login form. Also, we can see two social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter. Users can log in through these two social media buttons.

If you are feeling difficulty to understand this program. You can see the full video tutorial of this program [Animated Login Form]. I hope all your confusion will clear after watching this tutorial on a login form

Login Form or Page using HTML CSS | Video Tutorial

As you have seen on the given video of this login form. First, those input fields are blank and the gradient underline or border at the bottom of these two fields are hidden. When we click on the input field that underlines smoothly appears with the animation from left to right. When the user clicks on the submit or continue button without entering email and password one small widow appears with some warning to type email and password. Have you guys notice that when I hover on the continue button, text width increase a little, and also its background gradient moves left to right. This type of animation is also seen on the social media button of Facebook and Twitter. By these two social media button user can enter the webpage by their Facebook or Twitter id.

If you are familiar with basic HTML & CSS then you can easily make this login form and also if you have basic knowledge of JavaScript you can add more functions in this program of the login form. Those friends who are feeling difficulty building this login form, don't worry I have provided all the source code files of the program below. Feel free to use this program.

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Login Form or Page using HTML CSS | Free Source Code

To paste the following codes of the HTML & CSS, first of all, you need to create two files. One is an HTML file And another is a CSS file, after creating these two files then you can copy-paste the following codes of this program [Animated Login Form Design] in your file. You can also download all source code files from the given "Download Button" directly. 

How do I create a login and signup page in HTML?
Following are the HTML codes of the login form. To copy-paste, the following HTML codes, create a file with the name index.html, and copy-paste the following HTML code in your document.

How do I create a login and signup page in CSS?
Following are the CSS codes of the login form. To copy-paste, the following CSS codes, create a file with the name style.css, and copy-paste the following CSS code in your document.


Click on the following download button to download all source code files of login form directly on your computer.


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